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Our Vineyards

Old Bailey Vineyard, first planted by the Bailey family in the early 1960s, sits atop a westside Paso Robles mountain at an elevation of greater than 1800 feet. The site, with its limestone soils and 360-degree views, captivated Leon Chen the first time he saw it in 2000. He bought the property a day later, committed to restoring the Chenin Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel vines to their former greatness. The dry-farmed Chenin Blanc vines, gnarled and beautiful, lie at the foot of the mountain. Planted on their own roots, the vines are trained to a bilateral cordon and spur-pruned, and yield little more than a ton per acre. Over the years, they have survived spring frosts and extreme heat spells in summer, and are a rarity in California today. The Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon vines that trail down the mountainsides yield less than two tons per acre and produce fruit of bold flavors and distinctive character. The Zinfandel thrives in a north-facing block where the vines are trained to a bilateral cordon and are spur-pruned. Catch wires were added to ensure good air and light exposure. The Cabernet blocks sit at the top of the mountain and down the east and south-facing slopes. The vines were pruned dramatically and nutrition deficiencies addressed, and as a result the fruit quality is returning to the state of greatness first achieved by the Bailey family. Leon Chenís dream of producing a world-class Cabernet is becoming a reality.
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